The 5 Do’s and 3 Don’ts of Real Estate Networking

By Evan Tarver, Kapre People in the real estate industry know how important networking is to the success of their business. However, many real estate agents fail to implement this tactic strategically, which makes them feel inadequate at sales. While salesmanship is another skill altogether, a precursory skill that any real estate agent should master first is the…
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Buy or Sell an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is all the rage when it comes to the real estate market. Buyers and sellers alike have taken to the importance of implementing smarter, more efficient appliances and systems into their homes.  Whether you’re buying or selling, energy-efficient homes are commodities on both sides of the market. Properties that are already equipped with…
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Tips for First-Time Sellers

First-time home buyers are granted numerous perks when house hunting. Benefits like specialized loans, tax breaks, and community programs make buying a more manageable process with exciting advantages.  But, when those purchasers are ready to move on to another property, as first-time sellers they must make multiple decisions.  A significant resource in your home-selling experience…
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