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Moving Tips

Preparing to move into your new home may seem like a pretty straightforward task. Until it doesn’t. Many homeowners simply forget how many items they have accumulated over the course of their lives until it’s time to move it all into a new home. 

There are many circumstances that can complicate the process, including opening and closing of utility accounts, coordination of moving trucks and making sure insurance is active when you move in.

To complicate things, you will likely be forced to get all of these logistics ironed out on an accelerated time frame, as most home closes are done within 30 to 45 days. 

Proper Preparation

The first step to making sure you’ll be ready come moving day is to simply take stock of your belongings. Grab a notebook or a laptop and build your own personal inventory of furniture, appliances, pictures, toys and other belongings. 

If you plan to contract with a moving company, they will likely need to know how many rooms you plan to move and an estimated number of pieces of furniture and appliances. Use your inventory to help answer any questions related to the logistics of your move. 

Plan Your Move

Will you use a moving company to get your belongings to your new home? Or will friends and family help you? A moving company is likely busy with other clients, so be sure to get on their list for your target moving date as soon as possible. Your friends and family may be the less expensive option, but it may take more coordination on your part to make sure they know where and when to show up and what to do. 

Take these factors into consideration when building your plan for your big move. 

Packing and Donating 

Whether you plan to move into your home yourself or hire a moving company to help, it’s important that you start collecting boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape to be as ready as possible for the move. 

You can also schedule a donation pickup or list belongings for sale online or in the newspaper if you’re looking to lighten your move. The more non-essential items you can eliminate from your move, the easier it will be on you in the end.

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