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Moving to the Suburbs

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many Americans think of where they live. 

According to data from a recent Harris Poll, nearly a third of U.S. citizens are considering moving to less densely populated areas. Trading in city living for many close-knit suburb communities provides lower crime rates, more affordable costs and larger living spaces. If you’re a parent, more desolate areas have access to highly rated schools. The education opportunities are often a significant factor that families make before investing in a property. A smaller student body also means that your children will get more one-on-one time while learning and build stronger bonds with their peers. 

More Convenience 

One of the most significant reasons people escape the city for suburban homes is the slower pace and convenience. Major metropolitan areas can be challenging to navigate considering public transportation, dense crowds and immense traffic. Sometimes, a quick visit to the grocery store can lead to a stressful, all-day event. In smaller communities, Americans gain quick access to places like shops, restaurants and entertainment venues without traveling into a hectic city environment. 

Peace and Quiet

Living in the heart of a city comes with some advantages, but peace and quiet are not high on the list. With the heavy traffic, hustle or urban life and consistent traffic activity, it can be challenging to find the silence to relax fully. While many suburbs offer exciting social scenes, the more spacious footprint tends to be more laid-back and peaceful. 

More Value in Purchasing

When looking for value in your home purchase, suburban living offers beautiful properties with significant amenities. While the asking price for these buildings may be considerable, families can find great deals on a home that provides larger living space in terms of square footage and features.

Because the living quarters are more sizable in the suburbs, children enjoy their own rooms, a spacious backyard and several bathrooms. If you are ready to make a move, reach out to real estate agents in the prospective area to get the ball moving. Most of the deal can be performed virtually while they research potential properties that work with your budget.

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