Staging During the Holidays

When you’re selling your home, you want it to look its absolute best for the potential buyers who walk through the door. That’s where home staging comes in. This is a growing trend in real estate. It is especially important in slow markets with high inventory and many competing homes.

Home staging is a method of decorating meant to highlight your home’s most impressive assets and help buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there. Do it right, and you should have no problem selling your home quickly.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2017 Staging Stats report, 49% of buyers’ agents believe that home staging has an effect on how a buyer views the home, with 77% saying that it makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their own. On the sellers’ agent side, 21% report that home staging increases the value of a home between 6% and 10%, and 39% note that it greatly decreases the total amount of time a home is on the market.

Individuals who have their property on the market over the holidays face unique challenges when staging. It is easy to go overboard with decoration, making it difficult for buyers to see the home’s full potential. Entice holiday home shoppers into making a purchase by using these staging tips from NAR:

Stage the Table

Give your potential buyers the ability to visualize a holiday meal by setting the table for a feast. Consider an attractive tablecloth which works with the existing design scheme and a candle-lit centerpiece. Show off how much space is available for gatherings by placing slim chairs around the table and place plates, silverware and glasses in front of each. This comfortable environment can entice potential buyers by showcasing the entertainment value a home has.

Spruce up the Front Door

A home’s entrance is like a person’s smile. While many shoppers have already viewed the interior and exterior of a property online, the front door typically impacts a first impression once they arrive in person.

Use small accents like wreaths and planters to make a festive statement. The NAR suggests using silver colors as they will shine in the sun and grab a buyer’s attention. Be sure to keep the steps clear of clutter and free of snow and ice if shoppers will be stopping by when winter weather is present.

Take Advantage of a Fireplace

Buyers also pay attention to a mantle’s attractiveness and potential. You can make it stand out in your room by draping small stockings, leafy garland and matching candles to tie a room together. It’s important not to overdo this centerpiece as excessive decorating may take away from its beauty.

Hiring a Stager

It’s OK, if you’re not an interior designer, you can still obtain attractive staging by hiring a professional. Check around your local community for experts in your area. Their assistance can be the difference in a home sitting on the market or a speedy sale.

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