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Tips for First-Time Sellers

First-time home buyers are granted numerous perks when house hunting. Benefits like specialized loans, tax breaks, and community programs make buying a more manageable process with exciting advantages. 

But, when those purchasers are ready to move on to another property, as first-time sellers they must make multiple decisions. 

A significant resource in your home-selling experience is a real estate agent. Their expertise can streamline the process by pricing the property based on local trends, finding motivated buyers and ensuring the legal aspects are covered. When choosing a real estate agent, ask your friends and loved ones who have recently sold their homes for a referral.

Here are some other factors to consider before rushing to place your home to the market:

Complete Repairs

While major renovations may not make financial sense, it’s crucial to ensure the home is move-in ready before going to market. Rather than focusing on removing walls or extending the living space, spend time inspecting your appliances. Try to make sure that all water equipment is free from leaks, the floors are sturdy and your HVAC system is up to date. It can be a dealbreaker when a homebuyer visits the property and notices that they must make significant investments in updating their appliances.

Timing Matters

If you aren’t in a rush to sell your home, waiting for a summer selling season can help get the most value and quickest turnaround. According to the Nationals Association of Realtors, warmer months show to have the most aggressive house hunters, while sales significantly slow during the winter. Of course, the weather can vary dramatically, depending on your region. Timing the market right is another benefit you gain when working with an experienced agent.

Should You Stage?

Hiring an expert to stage your home before an open house or showing is an excellent strategy. The visual of how space is used can entice prospective buyers who can imagine how the property will work for their daily lives. Even if the house is already vacant, it’s beneficial to fill it with furniture, bedding, and lights to give it an attractive ambiance. 

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