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Do you Want to Retire in the Caribbean?

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Do you Want to Retire in the Caribbean?

Yes.  It’s finally here – retirement time.  For the past twenty, thirty, maybe even forty years of your life, you’ve given your time and energy to working on a job.  If you’re like many people, there have most likely been days that you dreaded going to work. You had somewhere else you were supposed to be, something else you wanted to do, or maybe you just did not feel like working on that particular day. But you dragged yourself into work anyway and satisfied the requirements of your job. But now that you’ve paid your dues to society, by working responsibly, it is time to live your best life. Choose to enjoy your golden years in the Caribbean. Retirement means something different to different people.  

But according to the majority of recent studies, most people view retirement as a time of relaxation, financial security, flexibility, and freedom to do what they want when they want.  Some people leave the demands of a full-time job to secure a less demanding part-time job to make sure they still have a stream of income from employment. 

However, those who did well during their earlier years to secure their financial future, prefer to enjoy life on the golf courses and beaches of the world.  

For those fortunate individuals, retirement means time to travel, enjoy free time with friends and family, and the ability to pursue their passions. The Caribbean has something unique to satisfy the diverse needs of retirees.

If travel, fantastic golf courses, and beautiful beaches are what you want; then the Caribbean is absolutely the right retirement location for you.  Enjoy the golden years of your life, in the world’s favorite playground – the Caribbean. 

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According to most major travel networks, each year $8.1 trillion is generated from people traveling; 50% of that money is generated from travel to the Caribbean. Spend your golden years hopping from one island to another. Let your biggest stress come from trying to figure out things like which island has the best roti – Trinidad or Guyana. Make a list of the exciting carnivals and festivals that take place annually throughout the Caribbean and let your biggest challenge come from increasing the number you attend. If you make it to Crop Over in Barbados and Grenada Carnival this summer, challenge yourself to get to St. Lucia’s Jazz and Music Festival next year.

Contact your Travel Agent and Realtor today to prepare to retire in the Caribbean.  A new house near the beach can provide you a great lifestyle and bring you a nice stream of income as you adjust to life as a retiree.  According to various news sources, a retired couple can live comfortably in several of the Caribbean islands with an income of $24,000 to $36,000 per year.  So which island will you choose? You may have heard the advertisements that claim life is “better in the Bahamas.” You deserve to find out. The Caribbean offers many great options for a more natural, more relaxed, and enjoyable lifestyle for retirees.

Several of the Caribbean islands, Barbados and Jamaica, in particular, are offering special incentives and grants for creative people who can start businesses in desired fields to help stimulate the economy. So there you have yet another great reason to retire in the Caribbean.  

Instead of returning to work at an age where you should be at home playing with your grandchildren, the Caribbean offers many opportunities for business-minded people to turn their passions into profits by pursuing business ownership. If you want assistance finding your retirement home or investment property in the Caribbean, contact Equity Smart Realty today.

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