4 Tips to Writing a Great Real Estate Agent Resume

Real estate agents generally work “for themselves.” But that doesn’t mean once you earn your real estate license, your resume writing days are over. Licensed real estate agents must hang their license with a broker. Your real estate resume presents an opportunity to shine a light on your skills and accomplishments and earn you a seat in the interview chair with the brokerage of your dreams. Here are four tips you can use today to write a stronger real estate resume and open yourself up to bigger and better opportunities:

  1. Start with a Strong Headline

People often focus their resume-building efforts on listing professional accomplishments and education experience…just the facts. They forget that the ultimate goal is to tell the broker who they are, and why they’d be a great addition to the agent roster. (This is good practice for when you join a brokerage and have to sell your personal brand.) A headline is often undervalued. Many resumes don’t even include them. But a great headline can establish your identity and set the tone that the reader carries with them throughout your entire real estate resume. The headline is where you emphasize your unique selling points.

  1. Demonstrate Self-motivation

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any real estate brokerage. However, time and money spent recruiting people who ultimately don’t earn their license or fail within the first year of earning a license, is a major loss for brokers. While many brokers have training and mentorship programs available, a broker’s ideal candidate is one who will hit the ground running with as little support from the broker as possible.

  1. What You’ve Done Matters More than Where You’ve Been

The things you’ve achieved matter more on a real estate resume than where you achieved them and how long you stayed there. It is important to list previous experience, but the bullet points listed beneath those former brokers or employers is the meat of your previous experience. List and explain awards you’ve won. Detail a successful project you took the reins on and point to the value of your leadership. Spell out impressive sales numbers and what you did to achieve them. So, brag a little—you’ve earned it!

  1. Emphasize Your Specialty

A common mistake we all make when writing a resume is assuming that we need to appear to be an expert in everything. But that’s a fruitless endeavor. Nobody is great at everything and trying to reflect that unrealistic reality on your resume will likely make you look like an expert in nothing.

There are naturally areas where you excel. This is your specialty, your personal brand as a real estate professional, and it’s the reason you’re an ideal candidate for this broker’s agent roster.

Source: Kapre.com

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