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Buyers May Want to Ask Lenders: How Long to Close?

House hunters may want to ask their lenders how long it will take them to close on a loan while shopping for a mortgage. In a housing market where multiple offer situations have become commonplace, the ability for a buyer to close quickly can stand out to home sellers. Buyers should ask lenders: How long…
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Retirees Seeking Homes Need Help Navigating Areas With Short-Term Rental Bans

By Realtor Retirees are finding neighborhoods that are free of short-term rental properties attractive as they seek quiet, peaceful areas where they can connect with their neighbors and avoid constant activity from renters. But the properties that retirees often find desirable in destination and resort areas can be prone to having short-term rentals next door.…
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Buy or Sell an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is all the rage when it comes to the real estate market. Buyers and sellers alike have taken to the importance of implementing smarter, more efficient appliances and systems into their homes.  Whether you’re buying or selling, energy-efficient homes are commodities on both sides of the market. Properties that are already equipped with…
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