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Know Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

When you are filling out a mortgage application, the lender will be asking you for specific financial information. One of the reasons they ask for this information is to enable the underwriter to calculate your debt to income ratio. This ratio is what most mortgage lenders use to determine the level of risk they are…
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Types of Mortgages & Home Buying FAQs

Buying a home is a big investment. For most of us, it’s the biggest loan we’ll have in our lives. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discusses the different types of loans, many of which are available through private lenders and partially guaranteed by different federal programs, thus offering benefits for people who qualify. Talk with…
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Complaints About Mortgage Servicers Are Soaring as Millions of Americans Still Can’t Make Their Monthly Payments

By Jacob Passy, MarketWatch Although the economy has shown significant signs of improvement in 2021 thus far, many homeowners continue to face financial challenges. A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds significant disparities among which Americans have encountered those hurdles. As of March, around 4.7% of all active mortgage loans remained in forbearance,…
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