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3 Bedroom Staging Tips That Will Get Potential Buyers Excited About Your Home

Arranging an open house is one of the most important parts of selling your home, and your bedroom has the potential to be a real showstopper. While the kitchen and the living room may be a bit more straightforward, here are some tips for staging your bedroom that will surely get buyers excited about the possibilities of your home. 

Brighten the Bedding

It's one thing to have makeshift bedding when you only have your family to impress, but when it comes to having an open house, you'll need to be prepared to make a statement. Instead of a mish-mash of colors and styles, ensure you have one style and one look you're going for, and ensure that it's clear with only a few pillows and colors. You'll also want to make sure the colors you choose match the rest of the décor in your room so the viewer isn't distracted by the sight. 

Minimize the Clutter

Few things will swallow the space in your bedroom, like a lot of clutter, so it's important to clear out any extras from your room before you have any viewers. While it's a given that you'll want to get rid of extra papers and anything else obstructing the eye, it's also important to clear out any oversized pieces of furniture. You may have a chaise lounge you love, but if it swallows the room, you may want to re-consider it when staging time comes.  

Don't Forget About the Walls

Choosing the right piece of art for your bedroom can be a game-changer. Ensure that it's something that matches the color and style of your room and will help to illuminate the elements that make it ideal. By selecting the right size of print, you can feel confident that it will enhance your space without overpowering it. 


There are many small details that go into staging a home properly, but you can be sure to show your bedroom effectively by keeping it clutter-free and making it match. If you're preparing to put your home up for sale, you should contact one of our real estate professionals for more information. We are happy to help. Call us 888-670-6791 or visit www.askthelawyer.us.

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